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Superior PZN-PT single crystals and ensuing cutting edge piezo devices
Microfine prides itself as the world's only supplier of PZN-PT single crystals, of piezoelectric properties many times those of state-of-the-art PZT ceramics. Over the years, we have also accumulated invaluable experience in single crystal device R&D and have successfully developed cutting edge defence products to meet our clients' most demanding applications. Based on the experience gained, we have developed a range of commercial single crystal piezo devices of unparalleled performance but affordable prices, which are expected to provide unrivalled experience to our industrial and scientific users.

Our Products
Superior PZN-PT single crystals and piezo devices of unparalleled performance

Single Crystals

Microfine's PZN-PT single crystals have improved compositional uniformity and superior piezoelectric properties and are ideal for making compact high-performance piezoelectric devices for wide range of applications. These crystals are grown in a stress free environment of up to 35mm edge length and processed into various cuts to suit different applications.

New-generation single crystal underwater transducers and arrays

Boasted by our PZN-PT single crystal technology, Microfine has successfully designed and manufactured a range of broad band underwater projectors covering from 16 kHz to 200 kHz central frequency, notably for seabed imaging of proud and buried objects and underwater communication purposes. The low-frequency imaging array, made from our TP16, is probably the most compact for a tonpilz-based array even designed and built, which displays superior acoustic performance over arrays that are made of PZT ceramics, notably in terms of bandwidth and power efficiency. Microfine PZN-PT single crystal high frequency transmitters also exhibit superior bandwidth, while our single crystal receivers offer high sensitivity and lower noise floor.

Ultrahigh sensitivity accelerometers enabled by PZN-PT sensing elements

Suitable cuts of PZN-PT single crystals have enabled the development of compact accelerometers of ultrahigh sensitivity. Microfine seismic / infrasonic accelerometer, SIA1, boasts a sensitivity of 2.5 V/g while its shear accelerometers of >0.25 V/g even without pre-amplification, giving added dynamic range and S/N ratio over other leading products. These accelerometers are ideal for both typical and demanding applications.

Linear Piezoactuator without Hysteresis

Microfine has developed a single crystal piezo STAKE actuator that has comparable stroke yet is linear and without hysteresis.